Infants Program

It is essential to us that our teachers have a personal relationship with your child. Although the State of Michigan’s ratio of teachers-to-babies is 1 to 4, whenever possible FELC’s ratio is 1 to 3. At FELC, it is important that our teachers not only know your child’s schedule, but also know their personalities as well as their likes and dislikes.

Our room’s layout is set up to enhance learning while still providing a safe and exciting space to explore. In the play area of the room, we have swings, exer-saucers, jumpers, musical instruments, stuffed animals, books, and many other toys. In our eating area, we have a refrigerator for bottles and baby food and highchairs for feeding. Our “crib room” is a peaceful sleeping area where classical music or relaxing lullabies are regularly played.

We feed your baby as he or she needs to be fed or we can follow any schedule you prefer. Diapers are changed every two hours or as needed.

We are aware that each child is different so we allow our infants to achieve both mental and physical goals at their own pace. We frequently have tummy time to develop stomach muscles that help your baby sit up. When your baby is learning to crawl, we do activities that help him or her explore different movements that can make them more mobile. Our teachers love celebrating with you and your baby as he or she achieves various developmental milestones.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance to us. Each child will have his or her own crib (bedding is changed twice a week or as needed). All toys are thoroughly washed every night. Empty bottles are rinsed out and placed back into your child’s bag to go home so they can be washed and sterilized.